Preparing Your Loved One for Home Health Care

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Have An Elderly Parent? Choose A Home Health Caregiver To Help

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If you have an elderly parent, now is the time to plan their care. One thing to consider is they may need help with their needs. In many cases, family members do not have the time to do this due to work or family demands. Keep reading to learn about home health care so your parent can stay in their home longer. 

When Home Health Care Is Needed 

There are many signs to watch out for to know when it is time for your elderly parent to have extra care. For example, if they do not answer the phone when it rings or do not answer the phone quick enough, they need help. Your parent may not know how to store their food, such as leaving food out too long as it can spoil. They may not be able to clean up after they eat breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner due to physical problems. 

If your parent is having memory problems, such as due to dementia, home health care will be needed. There will be a time when your parent should never be left alone as they will need help with personal care, such as help with bathing, dressing, and going to the bathroom. Your parent may forget to turn a burner off or may leave their home and wander away. There are home health care providers that specialize in memory care. 

Types of Home Health Care

There are two main types of home health care available: medical home care and non-medical home care. With medical care, a skilled care provider, such as a registered nurse or physical therapist. will come to your parent's home. They can provide help with caring for wounds and offer speech and occupational therapy. If your parent has an IV, the care provider can assist you with this. The medical healthcare provider will also check their blood pressure and make sure they have the right medication and take it as prescribed. 

A non-medical home health care provider assists with daily living activities. This includes bathing, dressing, preparing their meals, taking them to doctor appointments, etc. They can run errands as needed, such as going grocery shopping. The home health care provider can provide housekeeping if this is needed. 

Your parent's doctor can help you determine when it is time for home health care. They can also tell you the best type of care to choose for your parent.