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How Seniors Can Improve Hand Strength & Dexterity

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With age, control of some body parts can become more difficult. This can make everyday tasks challenging, and can also lead to a decline in quality of life. Of course, it doesn't have to be this way.

Musculoskeletal hand issues can be especially difficult to manage. This is why it's important for seniors to focus on hand strength and dexterity. These are some ways an occupational therapist at a rehabilitation provider may recommend you do this.

Get a Diagnosis

Some conditions can cause issues like carpal tunnel syndrome or osteoporosis. These can make it difficult to use your hands for tasks. So, the first step is to get a diagnosis from a doctor. This will give you the information you can use to work on tasks in occupational therapy or rehab.

Finger Lifts

One simple way to work on hand strength is with finger lifts. You can do these anywhere, and they don't require any equipment. Place your hand on a flat surface in front of you and practice lifting each finger, one at a time. You'll build strength and control.

Play With Toys

You may not think of this as therapy, but playing with certain toys can help improve hand function. Fidget spinners and puzzles are two examples. These can help you work on fine motor skills and help you build more control over your fingers.

Play Music

Playing an instrument can also help improve hand function. The movement required to play can help strengthen your muscles and improve dexterity. Learning will also help you connect your fingers to your brain, building cognitive connections.

Practice Handwriting

This may seem strange, but handwriting can help improve control. Working on handwriting can help you build dexterity, especially with all the small details you work on. You can also work with different types of devices, like pens and markers, to work on different grip strengths.

Learn a Craft

Crafts like sewing and knitting are great ways to improve dexterity. These types of actions require strength as well as finesse. Even if you do not feel like you are good at these types of crafts, you will feel a major difference in the way you use your hands. You'll build flexibility and learn something new along the way.

Talk to a Rehabilitation Service Provider

Your occupational therapist or rehab care provider will have many more ideas on how to help improve hand function. They can also help you understand your specific condition and what you need. Schedule an appointment with your therapist to begin improving your hand strength. 

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