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In-Home Care Versus Nursing Home Care: Exploring The Benefits For Your Loved One

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Moving an elderly or disabled loved one into a nursing home or other facility designed to provide around-the-clock care can be a very difficult decision for anyone to make. Unfortunately, many people simply assume that this is their only option if they are not able to provide care themselves 24/7. However, the truth is that there is another option that often proves to be extremely beneficial. This option is live-in-home care. Below you will learn a bit more about this option and the benefits it can provide for your loved one when compared to a traditional nursing home setting.

Maintain An Individualized Schedule

In order to effectively provide care to all of the residents in their care, nursing homes are required to keep all of their residents on the same schedule. This means that everyone has meals at the same time, visiting hours are the same for all residents, and any activities will be made available only during certain hours. While this approach is necessary when trying to manage the schedules of a large group, it can ultimately lead the members of that group to feel as though they have lost a piece of their identity. 

With a live-in home care aide, your loved one will be able to maintain their own personalized schedule. Something as simple as the ability to eat a late breakfast if your loved one chooses to sleep in on occasion can make a world of difference in allowing them to maintain their own sense of independence and dignity. 

Personalized Attention And Companionship

While many nursing home staff members would love to spend more time focused on a single resident, this simply is not possible when a single staff member is responsible for caring for multiple residents. With a live-in home care aide, your loved one will always get the personalized attention that they deserve. This means no waiting for a staff member to be available to assist with things such as using the restroom, personal hygiene, or getting dressed for the day. Instead, your loved one will always have the help they need readily available to them.

In addition to the virtually on-demand assistance that your loved one will have access to, they will also have in-home companionship in the form of their home care aide. This type of companionship really allows the aide to bond with your loved one and can provide a great deal of comfort to those individuals who are not accustomed to living alone.

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