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Parent Getting Older And Lives Alone? 2 Types Of Services You Should Consider To Help Them

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If your parent is elderly but is still able to live alone, there still may be some things that they find hard to do. For example, your parent may not be able to drive or cook their own food. Fortunately, there are services you can provide for your parent to make their life easier.

Elderly Transportation Services

There are services that will provide your parent with transportation to where they need to go. This will allow them to have some independence. For example, your parent may want to go grocery shopping or to the pharmacy to pick up medication. Your parent may need a ride to a friend's home or to church.

No matter what they need, your parent can contact the transportation service either by calling a toll-free phone number or through an app on their smartphone. For safety, all drivers are screened. The transportation service may also have apps that you can install on your phone. This will alert you that your parent has contacted the service. This also allows you to see when your parent is picked up and brought back home again.  

The vehicle the transportation service uses should be equipped to handle foldable wheelchairs or walkers just in case your parent uses one of these.

Food Service

Another service that can be helpful for your parent is a food service. With this, their meals will be brought to their door. You could have the service bring your parent all meals, one or two meals each day, or only a few meals a week.

The service should be able to offer different types of food, such as for diabetics or gluten free food. Your parent may want to have a heart healthy diet.

The food service should also offer food like Mexican, Asian, Mediterranean, Latin American and even gourmet food.

In many cases, your parent can choose the food they want online to make things easier for them and the food service. They will be able to choose from a type of online menu what they want for each meal and at what time they would like the food delivered.

Talk with an elderly transportation service and a food service company to learn much more about what they can offer your parent. You will likely have to pay a monthly fee for these services, so make sure you ask what they charge. Do your research to ensure the services you choose have good reputations.