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Five Reasons To Consider In Home Health Care For Elderly Parent

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If you have an elderly parent who needs more attention than you are able to provide, then choosing health care options is important. This ensures that your parent is taking their medication daily, is not skipping meals, and is able to get the help they need to move from one place to another. There are a few options, such as assisted living, in which your parent would move into a facility that has 24/7 staff members available to cater to your parents needs, or you can choose in home health care. Here are five reasons why in home health care is the best bet:

  1. Keep Independence: When your parent becomes older, their sense of independence is lost once they are unable to cook, drive, walk, and more. Having to rely on somebody for these things can feel shameful for your parent and even embarrassing. To keep your parent feeling like they have a sense of control over their lives, you can opt for in home health care where your parent will be able to stay in the comfort of their own home and make more decisions about how things are done around their house, as well. 
  2. Keeps Family Involved: Moving your parent into an assisted living facility can take away from family time because there are typically strict visiting hours. When your parent is able to stay in their own home, family will be able to drop in at any time. The family is even encouraged to help if they want, which can be better for your parent, as well. 
  3. Keep the Same Health Care: When you move your parent into an assisted living facility, there is typically a doctor on staff that your parent will start seeing as opposed to their old doctor. Your parent may feel more comfortable sticking with the same doctor they have already been seeing for years, which they will be able to do when they stay home with in home health care. 
  4. Keeps Your Parent Safer: With in home health care, your parent is definitely safer from becoming ill. When they are living in a facility with many other elderly people, the chances of catching some kind of illness is heightened. 
  5. More Affordable: In home health care is definitely going to be more affordable than an assisted living facility because of the fact that your parent doesn't have to pay rent. This is definitely ideal if your parent already owns their home and is not paying a mortgage on it. You can also choose to have in home health care only for specific hours when you are not there to help, which means you aren't paying for someone to be there 24/7. 

When you know these five reasons to consider in home health care, you can see why it's the best option not only for your parent, but also for the rest of the family.