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Activities At An Assisted Living Facility: In-House And Away

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An assisted living facility, or ALF, is designed for elderly people who are not able to live independently, but who are still capable of doing many things for themselves. Part of the benefit to living at an assisted living facility is that there is an activity planner. This individual plans out fun things for the residents to do. The activities are catered to the resident's special needs. Some residents are able to travel outside of the facility, while others are best served by in-house recreation.

Here are some of the common activities that you might find in an ALF.

Tai chi

This is an excellent activity for residents. Tai Chi is a form of Chinese martial arts that is now popular as a method of gentle exercise. It is similar to Yoga. There are no fast movements in Tai Chi. Instead, the person slowly moves their body into a series of stances. There is no stopping between movements. This has the benefit of making sure the person is always moving. One of the key elements of Tai Chi is an attention to breathing. This is a great way to keep the body limber and also to get a very light cardiovascular exercise.

Some assisted living facilities have the Tai Chi instructor bring the residents outdoors so that they can practice in the open. This provides the benefit of fresh air and sunshine.

Interactive Video Games

If you think that video games can only be played while sedentary, then you haven't seen the new fitness video games. These consoles are popular with all ages, but they have really taken off in assisted living facilities. The player stands up and holds a control device. In order to make the character move, the player needs to move around. The most popular games are tennis and bowling. These games are perfect for wintertime and rainy days. They also help keep up hand-eye coordination.

Day Trips

Of course, there are activities that take place outside of the facility. These can range from going to a ball game, to visiting a local botanical garden. Some trips, such as visiting a ballpark, are good for morale. They let the residents get a change and to get away from the facility and enjoy the outer world. Other trips involve walking and attractions. For instance, visiting a botanical garden lets the residents enjoy seeing beautiful flowers, and it also provides them with a walking workout. A day of walking is a light, stress free, cardiovascular exercise.

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